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Is your platform generating real ROI?

For most publishers the answer is no.

Your internal or third-party system

Your investment in building and running an internal online publishing system goes far beyond the initial cost. There’s the staff needed to manage it, the ongoing development to keep pace with an evolving technology market, and the business logic and technology needed to comply with new laws and regulations.

The constraints of a third-party platform’s limited feature set may be stifling innovation or failing to support new business opportunities.

Literatum’s modular SaaS architecture is scalable, so growing your business doesn’t mean growing your support staff.

The business of publishing

Literatum is specifically engineered for publishing. Publishing-specific business rules are built in, and it’s easily configured to support your specific use cases. It also easily integrates with subscription management systems, ERPs, and many other typical technologies in a publishing ecosystem.

Literatum’s ongoing development is informed and advanced by our customers, so it keeps pace with the creative ways publishers want to generate more value for their readers and more revenue for their organizations.
Evaluate the true costs of your current platform by factoring in the revenue opportunities you’ve missed because potential customers’ preferred business models couldn’t be supported. It may be time to consider an alternative.

Revenue generation

  • Unlimited sales and subscription models
  • Personalized content that deepens engagement and fosters sales
  • Consumerized websites that increase traffic and extend site visits
  • Rapid new product development tools
  • Annualized income from repurposed content
  • Frictionless eCommerce that improves and propels onsite sales
  • Sponsored content opportunities
  • Native ads that aren’t suppressed by ad-blocking software

Cost reduction

  • New feature development is rolled out to all Atypon clients, so you spend less on customization while getting more capabilities.
  • A SaaS subscription that includes continual maintenance and three major releases per year.
  • Automation replaces rote process management tasks, freeing your staff to focus on content and marketing opportunities.

Risk reduction

  • Platform scalability makes budgeting more predictable—business growth doesn’t require a growing staff.
  • Platform reliability reduces the number of support calls you receive from your customers.
  • Built-in security, accessibility standards, and GDPR data protection compliance.
  • Literatum is the industry’s most widely used platform from the industry’s most trusted and largest platform provider.

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