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More content faster

You’re under pressure to produce more digital content than ever before—without sacrificing quality. You’re handling many new and different types of content, from blogs to interactive data sets.

You need platform-specific analytics to inform and justify your decisions, but there’s no in-house analyst to lean on and third-party packages don’t provide the publishing-specific data you need. And relying on your design and development team can mean missed deadlines.

Freedom from tedium

Literatum’s automated technologies and easy-to-use tools give you an unprecedented amount of control over your content and site design, freeing you from managing rote operational tasks so you can concentrate on content.

Website management and design

Every change to your site can just as easily be rolled out to a single site, a group of sites, or all of your sites simultaneously. Design conventions and branding are built into easy-to-use drag-and-drop widgets, letting you maintain consistent, professional-looking layouts even if the content originates from multiple sources and takes a variety of formats. And all Literatum websites are responsive and mobile-ready.

Keeping publishers relevant to their readers throughout their careers.

Easier content curation

Publish thousands of articles a day and make the content available in minutes. Build, launch, and update new products quickly. Rapid new product development tools package existing content, and new, relevant content automatically populates existing products and microsites as it becomes available.

Our unrivaled knowledge of publishing makes your brand more impactful and your content more valuable.

Any content type

Literatum handles any type of content, from articles, reports, and standards, to blogs, videos, and podcasts—and even computer code and databases. And every platform function, from discovery to promotion and sales, covers every type of content. You can even define your own content types.

Any language

Literatum hosts content in more than a dozen languages, and its support for the Unicode industry standard means it’s capable of supporting content in nearly any language using any alphabet, from Arabic and Cyrillic to Japanese and Chinese characters.

Math? Chemistry? Computer Code? No problem.

Complex mathematical equations, chemistry formulas, computer code, and other discipline-specific notation systems are displayed accurately—not flattened into images. The platform fully supports MathML and MathJax.

Analytics for publishers

Atypon Insights, our publishing-specific analytics module, shows you at a glance how your content is performing so your team can continuously optimize your offerings and easily share growth statistics.

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