Emerald’s Switch to Atypon’s Literatum Platform Proves a Success


To improve the visibility of research hosted by Emerald’s publication websites and the onsite experiences of visitors, and to increase revenues from the websites’ content.


Emerald Insight, the publisher’s journals portal, was migrated from Emerald’s in-house hosting platform to Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform, in 2015. The migration included a range of content types, including journals, books, and serials.


According to Emerald’s own press release, after just one year on Literatum:

  • Site engagement and interaction increased over 10%, and user satisfaction figures were boosted significantly.
  • Article downloads increased 14%.
  • An overwhelming number of Emerald’s authors said they were very satisfied with the new sites and were particularly impressed by the new sites’ intuitive navigation.
  • Students and researchers reported increased satisfaction with the site’s usability.
  • Enriched metadata and other search engine optimization tactics provided by Literatum improved discovery.
  • Enhanced onsite search capabilities such as faceted and filtered searching improved the user experience.
  • Compliance with various standards for SEO, accessibility, privacy, and COUNTER increased site traffic.
  • Literatum’s support for subscriber links allowed Google Scholar to return search results with direct links to subscribed articles, boosting visibility and accessibility for research libraries worldwide.

In early 2017, the site’s homepage was completely redesigned by Emerald staff—without any assistance from Atypon—using Page Builder, Literatum’s built-in, easy-to-use user interface and user experience design tool.

Emerald will be releasing additional product enhancements in the near future using Literatum, such as article-level publishing, which will provide authors with fast publication of their research and result in more citations.

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