Breaking down access barriers with GetFTR, SeamlessAccess, and CONNECT

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January 17, 2022

On December 14, 2021, we hosted the latest in our ongoing series of Literatum webinars, this time on the subject of Breaking down access barriers with GetFTR, SeamlessAccess and CONNECT.

It was an overview of three technologies that aim to make institutional authentication and content access as easy and straightforward as possible, presented by Hylke Koers, Chief Information Officer at STM Solutions, Heather Staines, Manager of Publisher Outreach at Delta Think, and Elias Balafoutis, Atypon’s Product Manager for Identity and Access Management.

→ Watch the webinar recording to find out whom to contact and how to setup GetFTR, SeamlessAccess, and CONNECT on your site!

GetFTR currently requires no change to publisher websites, and instead resides on third-party websites. By plugging into different entitlement systems, GetFTR shows the end user if their institutional entitlements grant them access to an article, and with a single click takes them from the third-party site to the version of record. The GetFTR link acts as an access indicator to streamline the content access process, eliminating the frustrating user experience of signing into a publisher’s site using their institution credentials only to find that they don’t have access after all. It also signposts available content and drives traffic to the publisher’s site. GetFTR supports not only institutional subscription content, but also Open Access and other free content.

Screenshot of an article on Literatum, showing the CONNECT profile icon with the user's name

SeamlessAccess, which resides on the publisher website, involves an institutional login button (see screenshot below) that intuits the end user’s institutional affiliation to suggest one-click institutional authentication and, where applicable, content access. It helps streamline the institutional authentication process, reducing the number of times a user has to search for their institution during login.

Screenshot of an article with SeamlessAccess enabled, showing the SeamlessAccess button that grants access via the user's institution

→ Watch the webinar recording to see how SeamlessAccess and CONNECT are realized on the front end!

CONNECT is free for Literatum publishers, and promotes easy authentication on both individual and institutional levels. Launched about a year ago, CONNECT has since been enabled on 11 Literatum sites, with more implementations underway. Once a CONNECT user has signed into a website, they and their institutional affiliations will continue to be recognized. CONNECT also provides an easy one-click registration/sign-in, which makes the authentication process as quick and easy as possible and allows publishers to turn institutional accesses, usually anonymous, into identifiable, individual accesses that can form the basis of lasting business relationships. See the impact of CONNECT on participating sites’ known user logins, below.

Bar graphs for 3 websites, showing the rise in new user registrations after each site implemented Atypon CONNECT.

→ Watch the webinar recording to learn how implementing GetFTR, SeamlessAccess, and CONNECT on Literatum websites has benefited publishers!

User behavior data related to GetFTR, SeamlessAccess, and CONNECT is of course available in Atypon Insights, Literatum’s reporting module.

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