A comprehensive SaaS ePublishing platform for professional and scholarly publishers

The world's leading professional and scholarly publishers use Literatum to achieve more with their content.

Today's readers have more sources of information than ever before. To succeed in this increasingly competitive environment, publishers need a platform that delivers the right content to the right customers anytime, anywhere.

Continuously developed for more than ten years, Literatum empowers your organization to thrive in the digital world. Engage your customers with relevant content and targeted messaging, experiment with new business models, and leverage sophisticated search and discovery tools to increase usage and revenues. A self-service solution, Literatum gives your business users control of your website, including the user interface, content delivery, access control, and e-commerce.

Literatum hosts more than 17 million journal articles, 100,000 eBooks, and many other types of scientific and scholarly content for leading publishers worldwide.  Our ongoing commitment to Literatum’s evolution is backed by a team of experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the publishing community. Literatum’s counterpart solution Literatum for Mobile delivers mobile access to Literatum-powered websites on Android and iOS phones and, in a forthcoming release, Android and iOS tablets.

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An enterprise access and e-commerce solution for publishing and media organizations

The world's leading publishing and media organizations use RightSuite to monetize their digital content.

There is a broad range of strategies and possibilities for content monetization. To be successful, content providers need a platform that encourages experimentation with and evolution of their business models through tools for productization, offer and subscription management, and billing.

RightSuite is an enterprise software solution that provides these capabilities, plus many more. Its modules are licensed as server applications or as a hosted service, and its API allows for complete and seamless integration with other software or custom interfaces, enabling you to create an end-to-end solution across your enterprise.

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