An enterprise access and e-commerce solution for publishing and media organizations

RightSuite enables publishers and media organizations to monetize their digital content, experiment with new business models, and optimize revenue streams.

There is a broad range of strategies and possibilities for content monetization. To be successful, content providers need a platform that encourages experimentation with business models through tools for productization, offer and subscription management, and billing.

RightSuite is an enterprise software solution that provides these capabilities, plus many more. Its modules are licensed as server applications or as a hosted service, and its API allows for complete and seamless integration with other software or custom interfaces, enabling you to create an end-to-end solution across your enterprise.


Increase revenue, improve customer retention, and bring products to market faster with flexible packaging and licensing of your content and services. With the ability to easily test business models, promotions, discounts, and pricing strategies, you'll always be able to maximize the value of your assets.

What's New

With each release of RightSuite, we introduce dozens of important improvements and new features requested by our clients, thought up by our internal experts, or developed to support new industry standards. Our latest release, RightSuite 4.5, is more powerful and refined. With new APIs, configuration and deployment options, and features, it's easier than ever to monetize your digital content.


When implementing technology there are many choices to make. Learn from a professional services team that has successfully implemented solutions for the world's leading publishing and media organizations. We provide the guidance and expertise you require through a variety of engagement models.


We understand our clients' needs and have the appropriate staff, structure, and processes to provide them with excellent business and technical support. We go beyond supporting our solutions by advising our clients how best to take advantage of new technology and how to eliminate technology hurdles.


High availability and high performance are hallmarks of our solutions. Our optional hosting environment sits atop multiple connections to the Internet backbone, quickly delivering our services around the world. It's also completely secure, providing maximum protection for your business-critical information.