RightSuite: Consulting

Engagement Models

Because different projects require different levels of assistance, we deliver consulting services in one of three ways: full engagement, targeted development, or "advise and guide." These models range from our being responsible for all phases of the project to our focusing on analysis, design, and project management.

Project Management

We believe that up-front analysis is the foundation of any successful project, and our project management methodology emphasizes this. Once analysis is complete, we emphasize iterative development, with our project managers orchestrating development in concert with parallel threads such as migration and testing.

Technical Architecture

RightSuite is part of a publisher's technology ecosystem, and our most successful implementations are those in which our solutions are fully embedded in this ecosystem. A discovery phase gives us the understanding of existing systems and integration points that we need to assist with or lead the architectural design.

Product Expertise

Naturally, we know RightSuite very well. Our consultants are trusted advisors to clients, providing advice as to how our solutions can be used to meet business requirements and be integrated into enterprise architectures. Allow us to be your product experts and enable you to take full advantage of your investment.

Data Solutions

Data forms a large part of any software migration or upgrade. It's also business critical, so special attention is required to ensure that it is correctly captured and transformed. We have consultants who specialize in data conversion and database management, helping you to successfully navigate this component of a project.