Date Location Conference/ Speaker Presentation Title
1 May 2014 Washington D.C. STM Annual US Spring Conference/ Jonathan Hevenstone Responsible Design: A Pragmatic Approach to Website Design For Multiple Devices
7 November 2013 Charleston 2013 Charleston Conference/ Jonathan Hevenstone Targeting, Relevance, Engagement
30 January 2013 Berlin Academic Publishing in Europe/ Kevin Cohn Improving Research Efficiency: User and Content Fingerprinting
11 October 2012 New York Social Media and Networking in PSP 3.0/ Kevin Cohn Engagement: New Approaches for Connecting with Your Users
1 June 2012 Arlington SSP Annual Meeting/ Kevin Cohn Optimization for Google Search
31 May 2012 Arlington SSP Annual Meeting/ Susan Dunavan Social Media on Your Platform
19 April 2012 London STM Seminar: Emerging Opportunities in Medical Publishing/ Kevin Cohn I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are
13 March 2012 Singapore STM Intensive Journal Publishing Course - Asia/ Kevin Cohn Is Technology a Differentiator?