Atypon Passes 25,000 e-Books Being Delivered

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Jeff Deneen, Ph.D.
Director, Marketing
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SANTA CLARA, California- April 27, 2010- Atyponâ„¢ today announced that the number of professional and scholarly e-books and reference works being delivered using its Literatumâ„¢ software exceeds 25,000 distinct titles less than two years after delivering the first title.

Atypon, a leading software provider that enables publishers to manage, deliver and monetize their digital content, has enabled noted publishers such as the American Chemical Society, Oldenbourg, de Gruyter, and CRC Press to provide controlled access to online content, whether it be books, journals, databases or other types of publications, using subscription or pay-per-view type models while enhancing the end users experience when searching for, reading, and downloading content.

Literatum provides a host of book-specific capabilities, including the ability to download MARC records for integration with library cataloging systems and generate COUNTER- compliant usage reports that allows publishers to view and analyze how e-books and other electronic materials are being used.

In a March 2010 survey, the Association of Learned Professional and Scholarly Publishers found that nearly 90% of commercial academic publishers have seen a growth in e-book sales over the past two years. Growth in some cases was more than 1,000%, with e-book sales now accounting for almost 10% of total book sales.

"Literatum is capable of making publishers' e-books and reference works more discoverable and more usable than ever before," said Kevin Cohn, Director of Client Services for Atypon. "It is possible to deliver all of a publisher's content on a single mutli- product platform, while retaining the ability to create and sell subject-based collections or custom packages as required by customers."

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