Atypon Systems, Inc. Announces Launch of Integrated Content Delivery Platform for American Chemical Society

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SANTA CLARA, California and WASHINGTON, D.C.—November 18, 2008— Atypon Systems, Inc., a leading provider of e-publishing solutions, announced today the launch of a new online publishing and content delivery site to transform the American Chemical Society's online journals.

The new offering, powered by Atypon's proven and trusted Literatum technology, provides a fully integrated web platform rich with new features and functionality, customized to deliver a more robust electronic journal and to enhance the online reading experience for American Chemical Society (ACS) customers (

Atypon worked closely with the American Chemical Society to develop and help integrate the new content delivery platform into ACS's existing technology infrastructure and enterprise applications. ACS will host their content locally and use the Atypon suite of administration tools to manage the online publishing operation; giving ACS full control of their online content delivery platform.

Kevin Cohn, Atypon's Director of Product Management, commented, "It's been a privilege to work with the great people at ACS Publications. Together we have achieved more than the successful launch of this excellent website; we have forged a lasting partnership that will continue to drive innovations in publishing technology for years to come, for the benefit of all ACS constituents and Atypon clients."

ACS benefit from all the existing capabilities of the Atypon platform and also from a number of new features, offering a significantly enhanced user interface that better engages and serves the reader, including:

  • Heavy use of article figures to make the core content more accessible. For example a thumbnail viewer lets end-users flip through all the figures in an article at the TOC level.
  • Better search and browsing with search result filters.
  • Better Full text articles, including a figure browser, in-line reference displays, related articles, and as soon as publishable articles; aiding reader comprehension and content discovery.
  • Strong organizational and title branding, including the flexibility to deliver distinctly branded content at the journal level and all subsidiary levels.
  • Better author resources.
  • Better Librarian resources – usage reports, co-branding, ability to manage subscriptions, and configure link resolvers.
  • Ability to search supplementary material - supplementary material such as Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint files, other text or PDF files, etc are indexed for searching.
  • Social Bookmarking links are provided so end users can post articles on social networking sites such as Connotea, Delicious, Facebook, etc.

A flash-based demonstration available from the ACS Publications website at showcases many of the features and benefits of the new site.

"The development of this platform has transformed and made more flexible our ability to display and deliver the high-quality peer-reviewed research information published by ACS in service to the community of scholars worldwide" said Dr. Brian Crawford, President of ACS Publications. "This is a significant accomplishment, and one that is integral to our commitment to be the world's most trusted source of the comprehensive knowledge needed to cultivate the chemists of tomorrow. The innovative approach taken to this expansion of our web publishing capabilities has been achieved as a result of close collaboration with our development partner Atypon Systems, the ingenuity of ACS' own IT staff under the leadership of our CIO John Sullivan, expertise shared by our society colleagues at Chemical Abstracts Service, and the dedicated talents of the entire Journals Publishing Group, led by Senior Vice President Dr. Susan King."

Chris Beckett, VP of Sales and Marketing of Atypon Systems, commented:

"The new American Chemical Society site is one of the most interesting and innovative sites we have developed. It has raised the bar as to how chemistry content can be engagingly presented."

He added. "Engaging the user effectively is only achieved by a rigorous approach and attention to detail when developing the information architecture. The use of chemistry images to assist in navigating the site is one example of the benefit of such rigor, and will be welcome by the reader and researcher."

About The American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society—the world's largest scientific society—is a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio. The ACS Publications Division currently publishes 35 leading peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences, including the flagship Journal of the American Chemical Society, as well as Chemical & Engineering News, the Society's weekly news magazine.

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