JSTOR and Atypon Systems, Inc. Announce Agreement to Develop Custom Content Delivery Platform

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NEW YORK, New York and SANTA CLARA, California--January 19, 2007--JSTOR, a community-supported not-for-profit archive of more than 800 scholarly journals, and Atypon Systems, Inc., a California-based software solutions provider to the publishing industry, today announced an agreement to develop a new software platform to support the delivery and use of scholarship archived with JSTOR by faculty, researchers, and students.

The platform will be co-developed by JSTOR and Atypon and will utilize the existing Atypon Premium software as its base. It will be deployed on JSTOR's globally load-balanced server infrastructure in the US and UK and managed by JSTOR staff. When completed, the new platform will replace the existing JSTOR delivery system.

This effort will result in a more flexible platform to support access to the growing set of journals and other scholarly content archived with JSTOR. JSTOR and Atypon also intend to work together in the future to deploy new applications on the system specifically aimed at maximizing utility and other benefits that the online environment offers for scholars.

"JSTOR's mission is to utilize technology to preserve scholarship and to encourage the widest possible access and use of the archive in education and research," said Michael Spinella, Executive Director of JSTOR. "Advancing access over the next decade will require a network infrastructure with features and functionality that contribute meaningfully to the work of scholars and students. As a leader in developing innovative systems for managing and delivering content for the academic community, Atypon is a welcome collaborator with us."

"Atypon is recognized for its robust technology and future-focused product development," said Georgios Papadopoulos, founder and CEO of Atypon. "By working with JSTOR, we will not only help to advance their important mission but will enhance Atypon's reliable and scalable electronic publishing platform with additional features and functionality to support a wider set of publishing requirements in general."


JSTOR is an independent not-for-profit organization with a mission to help the scholarly community take advantage of advances in information technology. Today, JSTOR is responsible for preserving and extending access to a high-quality, digital archive of more than 800 scholarly journals. JSTOR is supported by a community of participating publishers, libraries and foundations, and is available to scholars and students in over 3,200 institutions worldwide. For more information, visit JSTOR at http://www.jstor.org.

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Since 1996, Atypon Systems, Inc. has provided software, hosting, and systems development to the information industry, allowing publishers to grow their business by providing superior technology and service that supports the electronic exchange of scholarly information. Atypon's solutions include Atypon Premium, a complete e-publishing solution for publishers who wish to manage the entire process of delivering and managing their content online, and Atypon Link, a cost effective, aggregated hosting platform for publishers who require a well managed, outsourced e-publishing service. For further information please visit http://www.atypon.com.

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