Atypon gives publishers hands-on control over all areas of websites with the new ContentEditor module

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SANTA CLARA, CA – November 29, 2004 – Atypon Systems, a leading software and services provider for the information industry, announced today a new module for its Literatum e-publishing platform that gives publishers direct control over the informational and marketing content of their websites.

Publishers adding the ContentEditor Module to their Literatum content hosting platform will be able to designate areas of their sites as editable. Adding, editing or removing text or graphics to these areas does not require any new development or incur any additional costs. Instead of sending a request to technology vendors and waiting for a reply and quote, publishers can implement changes to their site directly.

With Literatum's flexible e-publishing software, publishers can already make changes to published journal and book content at any time, moving content from a staging area to the live site. The new ContentEditor module gives publishers the additional control over all other content on the site, such as news, marketing pages, information on the publisher, instructions on how to subscribe or submit manuscripts, and other informational pages. Publishers can designate as many pages as they want as editable or designate specific areas of any pages as available for editing.

Features of ContentEditor include:

  • Designating pages or areas of pages editable directly by publisher staff
  • An easy-to-use interface to edit these areas
  • The ability to add, edit, or delete text, links, and graphics
  • Assuring quality by previewing changes before making content live
  • No web development skills required

"The ContentEditor module hands over control of whole areas of a publisher's website to the marketing and editorial departments for regular updates and changes. There is no reason for a publisher to maintain a separate 'corporate' site," said Georgios Papadopoulos, CEO of Atypon. "Publishers want to be able to make the most of their online presence and this module gives them the power to do that."

The ContentEditor module is an add-on to Literatum, which is a full service adaptive information platform for electronic publishing. Literatum is a cost-effective online-hosting solution designed to fit the needs of publishers of all sizes. Literatum was first created for publisher services such as Academic Press' IDEAL Library, Blackwell Synergy and CrossRef and now serves many publishers, including Annual Reviews, the University of California Press, Lawrence Erlbaum and Mary Ann Liebert and others.

"Publishers using Literatum can now manage their messaging more effectively by creating marketing pages that coordinate with email campaigns, adding and update sections on new titles, promotions or offers," explained Atypon Director of Business Development, Audrey Melkin. "We expect our publisher customers to continue to find new ways to use this powerful module."

Atypon will be exhibiting its electronic publishing technology solutions at the Online Information Conference in London, UK, on November 30 - December 2, 2004.

About Atypon

Since 1996, Atypon Systems, Inc. has focused on providing software and services to the information industry.

Atypon offers a suite of software and services for the Information Industry. Atypon's electronic publishing software, Literatum manages content for eJournals, eReference Works, eBooks, and other digital media. This software powers major websites such as the Academic Press. IDEAL Library, Blackwell Synergy, and CrossRef. Other services include PDFplus, which dynamically adds links to PDFs and LINKplus, a full service linking solution for publishers.

In addition to software, Atypon provides publishers the option of a complete outsourced hosting solution in conjunction with 17 leading technology vendors including Akamai, IBM, Dell, Oracle and Sun Microsystems.

Atypon's customers range from non-profit organizations to the world's leading publishers. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and maintains a European support office. For more information on Atypon Systems, please visit

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