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Santa Clara, California, and Oxford, UK – November 16, 2001 – Blackwell Publishing and Atypon Systems jointly announced that Blackwell Publishing has selected Atypon as the technology provider for the next generation of Blackwell Synergy, Blackwell's premier electronic journal service, With Atypon technology in place, Blackwell will continue to provide quick and seamless access to hundreds of Science, Medical, Professional, and Academic journals.

In determining how to best update Blackwell Synergy, a senior team from Blackwell performed an extensive six-month evaluation of top tier companies worldwide. The team researched many options, including internally building the system, licensing software, and bringing in a consulting company to build it for Blackwell. The priority was to ensure no disruption to the current service and for a seamless transition for all customers and journal readers. They completed careful due diligence on a shortlist of seven companies. In the end, Atypon was the clear choice.

"After very careful consideration, we chose Atypon to build the next generation of Synergy," said René Oliveri, CEO of Blackwell Publishing. "In addition to their proven track record, we realized that the Literatum platform was the only one that would allow us to create so many new business models and promotional opportunities. That will be of great importance in this rapidly changing electronic environment and allow us to build on Synergy's reputation as a world class product."

This four-year business service provider (BSP) contract gives Atypon the responsibility for all aspects of content management, control, hosting, managed services, hardware and software upgrades, security, and optimal delivery.

"We are excited about providing this complete solution for Blackwell," stated Atypon CEO, Georgios Papadopoulos. "Our technology will enable Blackwell to be more responsive to the needs of their customers. Atypon has for many years focused on innovations and problem solving in areas of technology specific to the publishing industry. These high standards, combined with our expertise and reliability is what Blackwell was looking for."

"Our team looked closely at all aspects of the technology Atypon has created in the past and their proposal for Synergy," explained Gordon Tibbitts, President of Blackwell Publishing USA and long-time IT veteran. "We investigated Atypon's software architecture, quality assurance processes as well as support process. We came away impressed with the level of excellence and creativity."

"The outsourced BSP model returns us to the idea of full service; an idea that has been lost in recent years," said Ravi Singh, Vice President of Corporate Development of Atypon. "A mission critical website requires managing multiple vendors in hardware, software, web hosting, network caching etc. This distracts publishers from their core business. Placing Atypon at the helm puts resources where they provide the most value." He added, "True to our philosophy of focusing on core competence, we leverage resources from some of the world's leading companies in their areas of competence." Companies that play a role in Atypon's BSP platform include IBM Global Services, Akamai, Metromedia Fiber Network, VeriSign, DataSafe, Dell Computer and Network Appliance.

About Atypon

Atypon is the leading software and business services provider (BSP) for the Science, Technology and Medicine information industry. It provides business-to-business solutions that are designed to help publishing, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies leverage the Internet.

Atypon's customers range from non-profit organizations to the world's leading Publishers. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and maintains a European office in Athens, Greece. For more information on Atypon Systems, please visit

About Blackwell Publishing

Blackwell Publishing is based in Oxford, UK, with offices in the US, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and France, publishes over 600 journals in partnership with more than 500 academic and professional societies. This year alone, over 600 text and reference books will be published across a wide range of academic and professional subjects. For more information on Blackwell Publishing, please visit or

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