Literatum: Hosting

24x7x365 Availability

Continuous availability is a top priority for Atypon. A leading external monitoring agency tests our hosted solutions every 5 minutes from more than 100 locations worldwide. If any response time drops below a threshold, we're immediately notified and on the case.

Data Protection

We meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and are audited by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) every three months.


A full data backup and storage process is in place to ensure no loss of publisher data. Our storage system retains changes for up to two weeks. In addition, incremental tape backups are made weekly, and complete tape backups are made monthly. Tape backups employ "read after write" to verify accuracy. Tape backups are stored in a secure off-site facility for one year, and are tested at random times throughout the year.


N+1 redundancy provides protection in the event of hardware or utilities failure. Hardware is architected in an active-active or active-passive configuration so that failover is instantaneous. The same is true of power and network connectivity; power is provided by a datacenter, which is supplied by multiple vendors, and network connectivity is provided directly by multiple vendors.


Our hosting environment has financial grade physical and network security. Access to the facility requires pre-arranged approval request, photo identification and two-factor biometric authentication; the facility, which is disguised as an office building, is also guarded and monitored by CCTV. All network activity goes through multiple firewalls before reaching any application or data.