Literatum for Mobile

Literatum for Mobile brings the power of Literatum to the mobile market. A fully integrated solution, Literatum for Mobile delivers the full text of professional and scholarly journals and books to institution subscribers, even if the reader is roaming outside of the institution network. All usage is included in the institution's COUNTER 4 reports. The latest version, Literatum for Mobile 3.1, provides mobile access to Literatum-powered websites on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Literatum for Mobile uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript – all cross-platform industry standards – to make it easy for publishers to get their content onto the most platforms with the least effort. Make your content accessible anytime, anywhere.

Access Management

Literatum for Mobile’s unique “three-dimensional” access management scheme is an industry first. The user accesses the publisher’s website from within an institution’s network and obtains a unique device pairing code. The user enters the code into Literatum for Mobile to establish a permanent pairing with the user’s profile and a temporary pairing with his or her institution. The user can now obtain content that his or her institution subscribes to, in addition to personal subscriptions.

Responsible Design

There are different strategies for delivering content optimally on the wide variety of digital devices in use today. One strategy is to make the web pages "responsive" so that web page layout changes when the content is accessed with devices of different screen dimensions. Another strategy is to serve "adaptive" web content that is customized for specific types of devices, taking into account screen size, user controls, and user behavior.

Atypon follows the philosophy of adaptive web design by serving content adapted for a publisher’s demographics using the best technology for the site requirements, of which page layout is only one dimension. Though Atypon uses aspects of responsive web design when appropriate, we believe that at this time responsive web design, even with progressive enhancement, doesn’t meet the entire needs of our publishers, for their mobile users in particular.

Learn more about our approach in this white paper >>


Atypon also provides an API that publishers can use to develop their own mobile apps, which tap into and leverage the core Literatum platform. Publishers can use the API to develop web or native apps that express the uniqueness of their content and brands. Atypon uses the API to deliver Literatum for Mobile so all of the capabilities we leverage are available to publishers for their own apps.