Literatum: Capabilities

Publisher Administration

Our philosophy: Give clients complete control over and insight into their publishing through easy-to-use tools. Changes that used to require hours, days, or even weeks of expensive software development to complete can now be made by business users in minutes. Empower your staff to do more in less time.

Content Types & Management

Publish journals, books, reference works, databases, and other types of professional and scholarly content, including digital-only media such as audio and video. Add reference linking and citing articles to your PDFs with PDFplus. Literatum supports various content workflows including issues and publish ahead-of-print. Our standard input formats are PDF and NLM/JATS. We can provide high quality, cost-competitive conversion services to publishers who are interested in receiving assistance.

Delivery & User Interface

Make your content accessible anytime, anywhere. Choose from a set of configurable user interface templates or work with us to specify and implement your own custom design. Regardless of your choice, your branding is always front and center and your content is easily accessible on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.

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Search & Discovery

When it comes to content delivery, relevance is key. Help users discover your content by providing sophisticated search and multiple types of personalized alerts. Add taxonomies, recommendations, and other tools to increase the relevance of your content to individual customers and drive engagement.

Identities & Authentication

Build stronger relationships with customers by knowing how they arrived at your website, their organizational affiliations, and the campaigns in which they've participated. Authenticate users by login and password, IP address, Shibboleth, OpenID, Athens and more. Implement single sign-on across products and websites, and set up tokens to give users access to content on a limited basis.

Licensing & Commerce

Maximize your content's monetization potential by employing a variety of licensing models including institutional and individual subscriptions, concurrency-limited access, pay-as-you-go, and metered access. Advanced offer management allows you to create new products with ease and employ differential pricing based on the customer's identity and history.

Marketing & Advertising

Cultivate leads and convert them to paying customers by using demographic and behavioral data to target relevant products, services, and messages. Place paid or in-house advertisements on web pages and in email alerts. It's never been this easy to get the right messages to the right customers at the right time.


Obtain reports that help you make strategic decisions about your business. A wealth of out-of-the-box reports, including COUNTER 4 compliant usage reports, can be run on demand and are delivered in spreadsheet and XML formats. Reports can also be saved and automatically run each day, week, or month.

Web Content Management

Create new template-driven web pages, such as aims and scope and editorial board pages, with our Page Builder CMS, or edit the HTML directly in advanced mode. Upload files, compare revisions, and preview, approve, or revert changes easily. You can even edit snippets from multiple web pages simultaneously. Page Builder provides a growing library of drag-and-drop widgets developed specifically for STM publishing. The widgets draw on the publisher’s live content, data, and configurations from Literatum’s back end, making it possible to stage, review and roll out new features within minutes.

Librarian Administration

Provide librarians with a comprehensive portal for viewing access rights; specifying authentication credentials, including for remote access; uploading a branded image; running COUNTER-compliant usage reports; configuring link resolvers; and downloading MARC records for inclusion in OPACs.