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Corporate Headquarters

5201 Great America Parkway  Suite 510
Santa Clara CA 95054  USA
T +1 408 988 1240
F +1 408 988 1070


New York Office

330 Seventh Avenue  5th Floor
New York NY 10001  USA
T +1 212 524 7000
F +1 212 524 7048


United Kingdom Office

2 Hitching Court  Blacklands Way
Abingdon OX14 1RG  United Kingdom
T +44 1235 557970
F +44 1235 557987


Jordan Office

21 Thee Al-Qida St.
Amman 11181  Jordan
T +962 6 551 9262

Greece Office

Dimitrakopoulou 7
Agia Paraskevi 15341  Greece


Atypon delivers innovative solutions that revolutionize the way publishers and media organizations do business. Literatum, Atypon's flagship ePublishing platform, provides all of the functionality that publishers need to compete in the digital world, including advanced search and information discovery, access control, e-commerce, advertising and reporting. Literatum hosts more than 17 million journal articles, 100,000 eBooks, and many other types of scientific and scholarly content for leading publishers worldwide. Atypon's RightSuite offers an access and e-commerce solution that enables publishers and media organizations to monetize their digital content, experiment with new business models and optimize revenue streams.

Effective content delivery, discovery, and monetization strategies are not just a luxury; they're a way of surviving, and Atypon's products give publishers advanced capabilities to ensure that they're best positioned to thrive in an ever changing publishing landscape. This begins with a "business users first" mentality that allows publishers to make substantial changes to their website and digital business in real-time. Freed from the constraints of having to go through an IT department and write code, business users can make changes in minutes that would otherwise require hours, days, or even weeks of expensive software development to complete.

Atypon has a broad and growing client base, including some of the largest brand names in the publishing industry: Elsevier, the world's leading publisher of science and health information; the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society; and the New England Journal of Medicine, the most widely read, cited, and influential general medical journal in the world.